CR80.30 (30 Mil) White PVC Cards - Qty. 500

CR80.30 (30 Mil) White PVC Cards - Qty. 500

Vendor: IDSO
SKU: 81754
Price: $ 54.00

CR80.30 (30 Mil) White PVC Cards - Qty. 500 Description

Part number 81754 PVC cards correlates with these part numbers:
  • Fargo Ultracard 81754
  • Magicard M3610-040A
  • Nisca KGCD8030100
  • EDIsecure DIC10095
  • Zebra 104523-111 and 104523-116
  • Evolis C4001

These cards are CR80 size with a 30 mil thickness. These are the same size as credit cards and most standard ID cards. These cards come in packages of 500 in a box, wrapped in 100 card bundles (5 to a box).

They are made from PVC material and feature a glossy front and glossy back. They have a very smooth surface and are optically inspected to ensure a clean scratch free card. With such a premium card surface you will get stunning cards and an extended printhead life. These cards are ideal for ID cards, gift cards, membership cards, loyalty cards, visitor cards, and more.

The cards require special handling to preserve their surface areas before printing. These cards arrive to you scratch free and virtually debris free. When handling you want to make sure the oil from your hands or other materials do not come in contact with the cards. Special storage is required. The cards come in packages of 100 (5 to a box) to make it easier to preserve the cards.


CR80.30 (30 Mil) White PVC Cards - Qty. 500 Specifications

  • White
  • Unrivalled graphic quality cards
  • Optically inspected
  • 500 cards 
  • CR80 size--30 mil thickness, standard credit card size
  • 3.375" x 2.125" (85.6 mm x 54 mm)
  • Compatible with the following brands of printers:
    • Datacard
    • Evolis
    • Fargo
    • Magicard
    • Nisca
    • Zebra